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Before you buy please click here to read our page detailing the difference between registered, unregistered and birth notified sheep. Some buyers mistakenly believe that unregistered sheep can be registered at a later date.


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 Iain McVicar (Vice Chairman and founder member of the Society) has recently died. Sadly the flock needs to be dispersed as soon as possible. 

There are  both Soay and Boreray ewes which are listed below. Also  a number of registered Soay and Boreray rams, plus some Soay ewes with lambs at foot. 

Please contact Helen on 07749 044432 or



Eorsa Esme 26/04/08 S12189

Eorsa Gilli 21/04/10 S13043

Eorsa Helen 23/04/11 S14030

Eorsa Jasmine 18/04/13 S15489

Eorsa Kailee 11/04/14 S16793

Eorsa Kimberley 16/04/14 S16795

Eorsa Kara 16/04/14 S16796

Marshwold Gaga 26/04/14 S15779

Eorsa Lindy 02/04/15 S17364

Eorsa Lavender 13/04/15 S17367

Eorsa Lisel 13/04/15 S17368

Eorsa Lauren 18/04/15 S17370

Eorsa Lulu 19/04/15 S17371

Eorsa Maggie 28/04/16 S17967

Eorsa Nadia 08/04/17 S19469

Eorsa Polly 10/04/19 S19471

Eorsa Poppy 23/04/19 S19473

Eorsa Paris 26/04/19 S19474

Eorsa Ranjit 1/04/21 XS10094

Eorsa Rose 15/04/21 XS10098

Eorsa Ruth 18/04/21 XS10101

Eorsa Reyna 18/04/21 XS10103

Eorsa Rene 20/04/21 XS10095

Eorsa Ranee 22/04/21 XS10093 

Eorsa Jessica 09/04/13

Eorsa Jennifer 10/04/13

Eorsa Jill 22/04/13 


March 2022

For sale
Twin Boreray Ewe Lambs
Born 29th March 2021.
Vet checked and vaccinated.
Birth notified and will register upon sale.
Contact Amy Banner

Mobile: 07725 696388 or email



August 2022

SOAY Pied Soay shearling Ram for sale. Birth Notified. Will be registered at point of sale. Born April 2021. Friendly and bucket trained. Horned. Sired by Kinver Edge Trojan. (S16753). Dam is Stanton S16011. We are near Henley in Arden, Warwickshire.
Please contact: Judith Elt. Mobile: 07713 159584. Email:


September 2021

Having investigated CFB Soay data for the Scottish Region, I conclude that Conachair is now the longest-established registered Soay breeding flock in Scotland. We have ewe lambs for sale – mostly dark, a few light-coloured, some with white marks, horned, polled and scurred. Something for everyone! Wether (castrated) sheep and lambs for those that don’t wish to breed but do wish to eat them, use them for pasture management, train sheepdogs etc. Reliable advice available given our wealth of experience with the breed. Realistic prices. Phil and Suzanne Tomlinson, Caithness. 01955 602878.  E-mail