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Soay and Boreray Sheep Society members can advertise free of charge on this site as part of their £12 annual membership fee.  Adverts will be displayed in chronological order (most recent first) for no less than one month and will then be removed after three months, unless instructions to the contrary are received.

Before you buy please click here to read our page detailing the difference between registered, unregistered and birth notified sheep. Some buyers mistakenly believe that unregistered sheep can be registered at a later date.


The Society does not recommend or endorse any sellers or animals that are advertised on this site. Advertisements will only be accepted if they are for specific animals or groups of animals, and not for general marketing purposes and must state whether the animals are registered, or birth notified. Photos are welcomed on the understanding that the society may use them elsewhere on this site.

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PLEASE NOTE: We have compiled a list of sheep for sale to circulate to would-be purchasers in lieu of the Rare Breeds Sale at Melton, which was  cancelled for 2020.

SBSS Sale list – Soays

SBSS Sale list – Borerays


September 2020

This year’s ewe lambs and wethers available in North Wales (Conwy valley). Also a selection of yearling rams.
Possibly looking for a ram swap this season too.
Wild End flock. Come to the bucket. All birth notified/registered at sale. Please email for more info and photos.


September 2020

SOAY lambs. 14 available, male and female, will be registered at point of sale.  Cotswolds.  Please phone (01386)584233 or email:                                                                                                                                                                                                  ====================================================
September 2020

Call out to members in Cornwall / Devon / South Wales area looking for Boreray starter flocks.

We have a fellow member who is finding this year particularly difficult in keeping many of her sheep. Sarah is situated with her Kensa Kernow flock near to Wadebridge. She is passionate about finding like minded people who love the breed to give some of her flock a forever home.
Sarah has all registered Boreray sheep including:
🐏🐏 2 x Shearling rams
🐑🐑 2 x Ewes
🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 5 x 2020 Lambs
Sarah is reaching out for the support of other members to contact her with genuine interest. She openly shares that she has mental health conditions; so respectfully asks for a text first with your name, just to help her anxiety levels. Then Sarah will return with a call. 07496 586119
This is a great opportunity for local members to start or add to their flock.
If you require further information on costs, registration etc please contact who is helping with this.


September 2020

Soay rams for sale including Elysium Dock born 2018 , Elysium Henry 2017 are proven and  Elysium Blueberry 2018.
Also, a range of Elysium ewes, some with September 2020 lambs at foot.  All registered, apart from lambs which are eligible for registration. Their sire is Fulbeck Fletch.
Contact: Tricia Stewart Elysium Farm Holmfirth W Yorks HD9 2TS
Tel 0148468770 Mobile: 07791654369 We are happy to chat about Soays and offer a friendly after care service.

September 2020

Two Registered Soay Ewe Lambs for sale born April 2020. ( S19327 and S19328). Sire Kinver Edge Trojan (S16753). Dam Stanton (S16011). Both are Dark Mouflon and horned. Friendly and bucket trained.
Please contact: Judith Elt in Warwickshire.     07713159584

Two Birth Notified Soay Ram Lambs for sale which I will register when sold. Sire -Kinver Edge Trojan (S16753). Dam – Stanton (S16015). Friendly and bucket trained and both horned. One is Light Mouflon, the other is Light.
Please contact:Judith Elt in Warwickshire  07713159584

August 2020

Soay ewe lambs (4) for sale, born 2020. They are in fine nick. All registered with Grassroots.
mobile: 07786703564 email: Bishop’s Stortford area


August 2020

Boreray Rams
Wallace 4yrs, Grant 3yrs and Hamish 2yrs all looking for new flocks and girls!2 Boreray Ewes and one shearling available. We have some castrates available too. All ideal for a new starter flock.
Philip Mapson – 07836614222 or email

August 2020

Conachair flock Boreray for sale now that April/May born lambs are ready to wean. Collection, local delivery or possible transport south by livestock haulier. 6 yearling ewes (gimmers). Choice of 3 yearling rams. 5 ewe lambs. To be registered before sale. Wethers/lambs for meat or conservation or other grazing. For details, please contact by e-mail or phone Phil and Suzanne Tomlinson, 01955 602878. (Caithness, north Scotland)


August 2020

Registered Soay Ewes for sale from the Marshwold Flock, Lincolnshire.
Bryser Kay, dark, horns, born 2013;  Marshwold Hermione, dark, horns, born 2015; Marshwold Iris, dark, polled, born 2016; Marshwold Fudge, light, horns, born 2013. All proven lambers, bucket tame.

Can deliver within fifty miles. Delivery / collection will be subject to Covid restrictions.
Contact Nicky and Richard



July 2020
SOAYS for sale.  Wyfordby Ralph: a 2019 dark shearling from Bosworth Norman and Willowbrook Emerald.  Ralph is Birth Notified (XS9774) and will be Registered if he finds a new home. Ralph is excellent with the bucket and eats from the hand.  He is confident but not too pushy and is growing into a lovely ram.  He is good natured with other rams and lambs.

Wyfordby Jeremy: a 2018 blonde ram with stunning horns from Willowbrook Eric and Willowbrook Katie.  Jeremy is Registered (S18668).  Jeremy is a quiet ram with lovely proportions, good with the bucket and will come into his own with a bit of attention.  He is good natured with other rams and lambs.

Please contact Helen on 07972704213 or

July 2020


Three RBST-registered rams – Adrian, Allan and Albert – born in April 2019, from the Battle Meadow flock. All three will come to the bucket. We used Albert as an extra ram last autumn with two ewes, and he has sired three lambs.

Rams from the Battle Meadow flock are now active right across the UK from Caithness to Wales to Sussex. Please see our Battle Meadow website for more information about our flock.

Visits are welcome. We are based on the Berkshire/Oxfordshire border.

Mike Turner, 07713 609453. Email:
June 2020

MOSSOAY FLOCK, PERTHSHIRE, SCOTLAND are pleased to offer for sale:-

  • a selection of Registered mouflon yearling SOAY ewes
  • 3 tup and 5 ewe SOAY lambs, various colours including blacks and piebalds
  • we also have three senior ladies looking for positions as matriarchs / minders for their comfortable retirements

all lambs are eligible for RBST registration and will be RBST registered unless wethered

More information / contact details on our website:
Jo and Pete, MOSSOAY FLOCK, Westown, Perthshire, Scotland, mobile: 07713 402 100